Thursday, June 09, 2005

Sith Lords are no darker than your average Republicans

Darth Vader: The Exclusive Interview

DV:...The Emperor wasn't an Emperor, the Rebellion wasn't a Rebellion. It was all politics. Palpatine won a closely contested election, and the Jedi got ticked. The Sith may have controlled the Chancellorship and the Senate, but the Jedi had the damned media behind them. And the academics, and they're the ones who write the history books. The truth is, I started out with the Jedi, and Palpatine ultimately converted me to the Sith. The Sith political party, not some scary cult that went around lopping off people's hands....

MY: Wait a minute, wait a minute—are you saying that the Sith and Jedi are only political parties?

Lots of funny. Check it out.

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