Thursday, June 09, 2005

Oww! That's gonna leave a scar...

Know why I laugh when I hear leaders of the Democratic party give stern warnings about how Republicans are goose-stepping in unison to rule the country?

Stuff like this:

Here's Geoffrey Norman in the American Spectator reacting to the nauseating (so to speak) comments by Bush's 'Drug Czar' on Raich:

"You would think a man with $35 billion to spend would have more important things on his agenda than doing an end-zone dance over the bodies of a few cancer patients looking for a little relief from the side-effects of chemo."


It's good to see some attention being focussed on the administration's role in this miserable fiasco. Yes, the court ruled in the way it did, but the case was pursued by Bush's administration, and the president should take responsibility for it. Reduce his efforts to their essence and you are left with two things: (1) a message to the sick that says 'drop dead, painfully'; and (2) the information that federalism is meaningless.

Some compassion. Some conservatism.

If criticism this robust takes place under the aegis of two of the U.S.'s premier conservative political publications, I rest easy.

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