Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Aye, Carumba!

So I go in to my customer's site last week to find that they have reorganized again. They have shifted to Santa Rosa, California the managment responsibility for the product that I was documenting.

Now I am out on the streets again, prowling for a gig.

The economic climate is far better today than it was four years ago, or even last year, so I'm not despondant. Yet, there is the duty of re-examining the resumé, dusting off cover letters, and finding them rather dated, like pleated kahki pants. (Or are pleat fronts back in style? I can't quite keep up.)

I have a couple of months of invoices in the payment pipeline, so no cash crunch, but I do enjoy being with the grown-ups.

I imagine I'll have to eventually post a link to my resumé. Sigh.

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