Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Back from the Weekend

Memorial Day weekend was a four-day affair for the Islander household (I took Friday off) . But before you curse me for a lazy lout, listen up. We had houseguests.

Now, we love these guests. These guests are more like family than guests. We got to spend hours talking late into the night with people we love and respect. And yet.

As I drove into work this morning I came around the Island's last hill and saw the ferry loading line stretching back a half-mile. At least an hour's wait. At first I felt chagrin--I was late for work as it was. But then I realized I was alone in the car with the radio off. As I coasted to a stop, put on the parking break, and switched off the engine, I drank in the silence.

Mrs. Islander and I have begun adapting to the life of a couple again. All the Islander children have grown and are raising their own families. Some evenings we sit and watch a favorite movie on DVD. Sometimes we just sit and read or watch the sunset over the Olympic Mountains. But these times are with the companiable presence of a person with whom we have spent 33 years getting used to. It can be hard to adapt to different voices in that space.

But now we are back to normal. Until the next houseguest, scheduled for mid-June.

As for the rest of the weekend's events, including a baby dedication at church and Mrs. Islander's test for black belt in Kenjutsu, that must wait for another post.


TooterTurtle said...

Ahhhh the sighing of the windchimes....

WhidbeyIslander said...

...the chirping of electronic crickets...

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