Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Ten Hidden Gift-Giving Rules

This week marks the kickoff of the Holiday shopping season, so from the wonderful Unplug the Christmas Machine:

The Ten Hidden Gift-Giving Rules:
  1. Give a gift to everyone you expect to get a gift from.
  2. If someone gives you a gift unexpectedly, reciprocate that year. (Some people have pre-wrapped generic gifts for just this event.)
  3. When you add a name to your gift list, give that person a gift every year thereafter.
  4. The amount of money you spend on a gift determines how much you care about the recipient.
  5. Gifts exchanged between adults should be roughly equal in value.
  6. The presents that you give someone should be fairly consistent in value over the years.
  7. If you give a gift to a person in a certain category (for example, a co-worker or neighbor), give a gift of roughly equal value to everyone in that category.
  8. Women should give gifts to their close women friends.
  9. Men should not give gifts to their close men friends—unless those gifts are alcoholic.
  10. Whenever the above rules cause you any difficulty, solve the problem by buying more gifts.

1 comment:

Titania said...

I hope that somewhere you indicate that these are the unspoken rules that people should NOT follow, or they will be ground up as mince-meat in the Christmas Machine!
Good girls and boys out there....There are no rules, there is only generosity and following the heart.

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