Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Ken Blackwell: Cruel to be Kind?

Via The Corner:
An independent poll commissioned by the Ohio Republican party shows Ken Blackwell with a substantial lead over Jim Petro for the party's gubernatorial nomination. Yet the same poll shows Petro faring better in the general election. Word is that the state party is hoping to avoid a contentious primary and wants one of the candidates to drop out, yet the poll seems not to be having this effect. More on Right Angle Blog here.
The Republican party has often succumed to the John Kerry disease. That is, fronting a candidate whom they think is "electable" over one of principle. This has been the case in the Specter vs. Toomey race in 2004 and might play out again in Chaffee vs. Laffey.

Of course, all these remarks must be put in the context of a conservative, more than a Republican viewpoint. But the situation becomes like that old joke about the rat race: even it you win it, you're still a rat.

The Kos Kidz are constantly asserting that if "true Democrats" (that is, transnational progressives) were presented to the public, they would be elected by acclamation. I think that the past 25 years has shown that they are wrong. Of course I could be wrong, but I am willing to put my viewpoint to a vote.

Draft Ken Blackwell!

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