Thursday, August 10, 2006

Tracking Rudy

I am going to be reading Night Blotter regularly for the a while. The author, who styles himself as a New York City cop*, has a close-up view of Rudy Guliani and has determined to follow his presidential campaign.

From his first Rudy posting:
As some readers may have noted, I predicted w/o reservation that Giuliani is not only going to run for U.S. President, he is going to win. Nonetheless, there is a lot of road between now and 2008--and fascinating road it is--particularly since many of those involved have their roots in the NYPD.

As someone who has watched many of the New York characters who are soon going to assume the national (and international?) stage, I'm going to endeavor to track Rudy's candidacy as it develops (a bit) on the site, for a simple reason: While many NYC cops dislike Rudy because he was very tough on salary negotiations, he "gets" the terrorism issue--he is no Jonathan Zimmerman (see Friday's blog post).

Rudy is socially somewhat liberal, but fiscally and internationally conservative--a profile that I think mirrors the nation's mood fairly accurately. He's also been saying many of the right things lately--particularly when it comes to alternative fuel development.

That said, I see three issues so far that can de-rail the Giuliani Express...
*On the Internet, no one knows you're a dog.

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